Electrochemistry - Class 12 Chemistry Note New Course 2078


Class 12 Chemistry Note New Course 2078


5. Electrochemistry

5.1 Electrode potential and standard electrode potential

5.2 Types of electrodes: Standard hydrogen electrode and calomel electrodes

5.3 Electrochemical series and its applications

5.4 Voltaic cell: Zn-Cu cell, Ag- Cu cell

5.5 Cell potential and standard cell potential

5.6 Relationship between cell potential and free energy

5.7 Commercial batteries and fuel cells (hydrogen/oxygen)

Note of Electrochemistry :


5.1 Define the terms: standard electrode 

(redox) potential. 

5.2 Explain about standard hydrogen 

electrode and calomel electrodes. 

5.3 Calculate a standard cell potential by 

combining two standard electrode 


5.4 Describe the applications of 

electrochemical series. 

5.5 Define and explain standard cell 

potential with reference to voltaic cell: 

Zn-Cu cell, Ag-Cu cell 

5.6 Use standard cell potentials to: 

explain/deduce the direction of electron 

flow in a simple cell and predict the 

feasibility of a reaction. 

5.7 Explain the relationship between cell 

potential and free energy change. 

5.8 State the possible advantages of 

developing other types of cell, e.g. the 

hydrogen/oxygen fuel cell and lithium-

ion, rechargeable batteries. 

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