A Lone Wolf


A Lone Wolf

I don't realize how I came here, or when. Who dragged me into this, I have no clue of that either. I wonder where I am right now. It's completely black, like a void. To all extent you try to observe, you're getting nothing but the haze of black.

Suddenly, a faint sound raises behind me. As I focused more onto it, the sound gradually grew  louder. I turned my back, to see a faint light concentrated upon a certain 'something' I wasn't sure of what it was, so I leapt near it. It was a baby, crying with all his might.

I am sure I just had blinked my eyes. But all of a sudden that newborn baby boy has moved on so far away, cuddling with his four limbs. I followed him towards where he headed. But as he cuddled away, he was gradually growing, and in a brisk of time, he was a young lad with a cherishing aura.

The kid, probably like any normal ones, wants to play now. He has a ball in his hands, probably soccer ball. He heads on to one person after another, but looks like it wasn't worth a shot. After his continued stranding upon each and every kid he sees ahead, at last, he was alone. Secluded. He turns back, and approaches towards me with his ball. I tried to give my hands to play with him, but he skids and collapses. Slowly, he's dragged further away.

Now, the kid probably seems like he's 12. I'm in a classroom. He's in the last bench, sitting alone. Being scoffed and yelled continuously by the teacher. He looked so desperate, and was trying so hard to get on everything right, but no one saw his efforts. Everyone looked down on him that time. But he never gave up. Even during lunch break, he invited some other classmates of him to sit near, but everyone clinks and leaves by. Again and again, no matter what or how much effort he put into it, he couldn't socialize. Even I started wondering, what's wrong with this kid? 

The next moment, I'm at a rooftop. There are other kids around, circling a loner in the middle. As I had a better look, it was him again. But he was a bit older, and his dress looks kinda different. Maybe he's into college now. But judging the looks of how his school days went, I'm surprised he's even got into college. But nonetheless, things were the same here too. But instead, he's now being ragged and bullied. Ouch, that kick was hard. The kid's all beat up. He's bleeding too. In his pain, I can see anger. Rage. Fury. He is sure to be in hell of a pain, but that desire on his face that he's gonna prove it to them all and kick their asses has suppressed that all..

Now, I wonder, what's this kid got ahead?

Look, he's a youth now. What an extraordinary physique. Soaring tall like Everest, Standing bold like a boulder, But. But. Something seems off. It's all fake. It's just a disguise he's wearing to deceive the society. He's broken inside. The real person inside, doesn't even have the strength to stand on two feet. He's broken. Devastated and fed up because no matter what he does, nothing results good. He's tried every possible thing. But it's been a clear NO every time. But even though so much has been throughout his soul, why can't anybody understand? Why can't anyone see his deception. 

The same helpless boy during his childhood has commemorated himself as a well established youth now. The same people whose eyes were filled with disgust whenever they got a sight of him, now those eyes carry hope. Those eyes now wait relentlessly to get his sight.  He has been lonely, all the time. No one knows how much burden he carried. How he had to be a good son, a good brother, a good youth in the society, a cherishable friend, whom everyone could trust with their eyes closed. 

But even so, I can see hatred in his eyes. For those, who made him suffer. Who made his loved ones suffer. He is going to make them pay for what they've done. But how? These words suddenly came out of my mouth, while I was in that void observing that boy. But somehow, it seemed he listened to my words, and as soon as he listened them, he smirked, I know exactly how, just hold your horses and see it on ahead. 

How'd he hear me? How did he know the whole time that I was there? Just who in the world is this guy!?


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