Travelogue Writing - Class 12 English Board Exam


Travelogue writing carries 10 marks in Class 12 Board Exam. Students are generally asked to travelogue

Word limit : 300 Words

 It should includes :

              location, climate and geography

              major events and festivals

              religion and culture

              depictions of local history, customs and traditions

              your adventures and feelings

              means of transportation

Structure of Travelogue : Similar to essay Structure

1.       Intruduction

2.     Body Part

3.     Conclusion



1.      Write travelogue about the place that you have recently visited.

Pangom: A naturally beautiful place

Pangom is a village in the east of Nepal situated at the altitude of 2948 meters. The surrounding villages are Kharikhola, Jubing and Nunthala VDCs of Solukhumbu district.

 The village is three hours walk from Kharikhola. Once you reach there, you get refreshed and all the tiredness flies away because of cool air, serene environment, sound of a small stream flowing in the middle of the village and the cloud that carry rainwater in summer moist your eyes.

 The village lies on the hill top with a remotely untouched beauty. A small school on one side, few lonely houses on other side of the village, a small stream flowing through the potato field, a monastery on the top and the view of the Himalayan Range in the front are the perfect combination for a beautiful place.

 The place is also rich in Sherpa culture. The people have been following the traditions of a mountainous life. The houses are richly decorated and equipped with cultural dishes, costumes and pots. They welcome every guest with the choice from two types of milk tea; salted one and sugary. It's a dishonor to say no to the tea offer. Chauris are reared for milk, ghee, and churpi. The Chaurigoth near the village is also a new experience to a visitor. The inhabitants are mainly the Sherpas who follow Buddhism as their religion. Every morning monks start the prayer and the villagers follow the Buddhist way of life by heart.

 Happiness comes out of heart and the heart is delighted when our senses experience the beauty of nature. Eyes capture the views, the air smells fresh and feels cool, the solitary place gives you a thoughtful moment and the culture makes you realize the bond of human beings. Therefore, to get the freshness to your every senses, one should visit such places at least once in their lives.

2.      Write travelogue about the place that you have recently visited


 Malumpati is the cleanest body of water I ever saw and experience in my whole life. The color of the water will make you believe that clean river still does exist. The health spring and tourist resort is a popular eco tourism spot that feature cold-spring pools in a rich tropical forest. The resort is located at Pandan, Antique and operates daily between 7:30am to 4:00pm.

 Trekking into the deeper part of the forest was somewhat uncanny, this activity isn't new to me, I had been doing this in several occasions but it felt different, I had this unearthly feeling. We were walking in the middle of immense woodland hearing only series of nature sounds, maybe this is one reason why I felt a little bizarre.

 Following the trail of the mountain river we reached a big basin of enthralling water of monochromatic shade of blue, we were all beguiled, funny that it's not even the main lagoon. Another ten minute walk we finally got to the main site, true enough the Blue Lagoon is an enchanting treasure of Antique.

 We left the area with a notion that maybe ethereal creature is guarding the lagoon from the disdainful presence of humans, reason why we felt peculiar while we were doing the trek.

 The Malumpati Resort is an ideal place for those who'd like to be in solitude and to commune with nature, especially during the summer. Nature trippers will surely enjoy the place as it's bounded by lush green vegetation. Wash your stress away by taking a dip at the cool and soothing waters of Antique's spring.

 "Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints. Bring nothing but experience."


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