Press Release - Class 12 English Board Exam

Press Release

Press Release writing carries 10 marks in Class 12 Board Exam. Students are generally asked to write press release on different events.

Word limit : 300 Words

It is communication tool which is used to publicize any event of organization, company , insititution, etc.

2.   * It is a piece of news/information/statement/announcement which is officially sent by an organization / institution / company to its member.

3.     *It is also called news release , media release or press statement

4.     *It should be simple .

5.     *Use 3 centered hash symbols ( ###) at last to indicate end of press release.


1.  1.Contact Information

Name of Organization

Address of organization

Press Contact Person

Phone Number



2. 2.Date ( When to deliver the press release )

3. 3.PRESS RELEASE ( write it in centre and must be in capital letter )

4. 4.TITLE OF PRESS RELEASE ( headline ) – ( write it in centre and in capital letter )

5. 5.Body ( 1st opening and leading paragraph )

a.     Location ( City, Date- ) For Example ( Kathmandu , Dec 18, 2020 -)

b.     A short summary giving a general idea about the whole story :

Who – the subject such as organization/event/activity etc

What – The news that the media needs to cover

When – when the event will happen ?

Where – where the event will happen?

Why – why is this event/activity important?

How – How the event has happened ? how the program will be implanted?

 Remaining Paragraph:

3 to 6 paragraph with all relevant facts / information a reporter should use to write a news story. Use Quotations.

6.  6.Boilerplate Paragraph ( optional )

      About the organization,

     A short paragraph explaining the identity of the organization or                                                          company and what it does.

 1.      Suppose you are the General Manager of Nepal Airlines. Issue a press release on behalf of the airlines about the cancellation of flights to the mountain regions due to the poor weather condition. (10 marks)



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